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Message from President

I'm really pleased to say to you, "Thank you for visiting our website and having an interest in our products."

We are now facing deep recession worldwide. As for the tailor and apparel industory too, weakened demand, hightened material costs, and intensed reckless competion bring to us a long period of dark winter. However, Yamamoto & Co., Ltd. keeps walking strongly with belief that we can provide to our customers valuable products even this time, embodying our motto, "Customer First".

Our service objective is that we achieve "Good Quality & Reasonable Price", "Wide Range of Services and Items", and "Quick Response" for all customers. In this winter period, we want you all to enjoy our products that bring to you bright enjoyment.

We never stop improving our service level. It's extremely happy that you continue to make a deal with us.

Yamamoto & Co., Ltd.
President Haruhiko Yamamoto

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